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Is Product Management for you?

If you're considering a shift to Product Management...

  • Is It for You? Learn if  Product Management aligns with your career goals. Learn the questions to ask yourself and how to book informal coffee chats.
  • Day-to-Day Roles: Discover the daily tasks and responsibilities of a Product Manager.
  • Roles Across Companies: Explore how product roles vary between startups and big corporations and the different types of Product Managers.



Master Product Management Skills

Discover the critical skills needed in Product Management:

  • Build Core Skills: Master execution, leadership, and strategy to navigate your career from junior to senior levels.
  • Advance With Confidence:: Sharpen both soft skills like decision-making and hard skills including UX design, business strategy, and tech basics.
  • Make a Learning Plan: Get step by step resources to learn all of the core Product Management skills.



Ways to Break into Product Management

  • Discover why hands-on learning is crucial for Product Management success.

  • Explore different paths—from joining product teams to leveraging your expertise—that pave the way for success in Product Management.

  • Plan your unique ways of getting into product, with "stepping stone" goals.


Product Execution

Develop Product Thinking

  • Rapidly create hundreds of content ideas in less than 10 minutes.
  • Learn the 3 critical parts of creating successful LinkedIn content.
  • Understand how to repurpose content that already worked.


Product Strategy

Write a Great Product Strategy

  • Understanding Product Strategy: Learn what Product Strategy is and why it's crucial for success.
  • Creating a Strong Strategy: Explore principles and formulas for crafting an effective Product Strategy.
  • Documenting and Presenting: Discover the importance of documenting your strategy and tips for presenting it effectively, illustrated with examples.


Career Launch

Find Part-time Roles and Your Next Job

  • Job Search Strategies: Navigate the Product Management job search confidently.
  • Building Confidence: Discover the value of volunteering or stipend work.
  • Outreach to Founders: Learn about reaching out to startup founders directly for part-time roles.

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About Angelina Fomina

As a business grad and Canadian, I had to hustle my way into Product Management and the United States.

It wasn't easy, as I am sure it's not easy for you.

I’ve been navigating career and unexpected transitions all my life. 

After studying business in College, disinterested in accounting, I learned to code and design.

While my peers were making 100K right out of College, I was surviving on $1,000 a month, building my first few products. Some of which completely flopped.

Finally, I was able to convince a CEO to take a chance on me as a "generalist" doing some product work, some...everything else.

At the same time, I spent weeks crashing on people's couches in San Francisco, hustling to land a PM job in the US, but with little success.

After I grew my own SaaS product to 7-figures annually...I had a bit more leverage.

That opened doors to Shopify...which got me into Meta. Recently, I worked on virtual reality at Oculus and created products tackling online safety, youth well-being, and policy for all Meta platforms.

So if your dream is to be a PM and you've tried everything - courses, interviews, I'm here to help!

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