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4 ways to work with me...


Choose from a variety of customizable workshops to help with product strategy, creativity, customer understanding and more.

Product Coach & Consultant

Book 1:1 consultation sessions for product strategy, design, and processes for you or your team.

Interim Product Manager

Hire me as a Fractional Product Manager for flexible and hands-on weekly or monthly support.

With a Trusted Team

I collaborate with skilled designers, researchers, and legal, policy, and compliance experts.

How I can help?

Blending experience at both cash-strapped start-ups and organizationally complex big-tech.


Wondering what to build or where to expand? 

Great user research, market and competitive analysis, and usability testing go a long way. Let's put your customer at the center and find the best opportunities.


Building zero to one?

 From the initial idea, to launch we’ll deliver on the first version of your idea (Minimal Viable Product) that your customers love, speeding up your journey to product-market fit.


Already have a product? 

Focus on outcomes like onboarding, and retention by launching new features and processes ( support, feedback) that keep your customers engaged.


  Need a spark of inspiration? 

One-day workshops and week-long design sprints to help your team with product strategy, customer discovery, idea generation, and meeting compliance.


Youth well-being & safety

  • Built safe, and age-appropriate experiences across all Meta products at the intersection of online safety, youth well-being, and policy.
  • Education and Family Center to help parents shape their teen's online experience.
  • Parental supervision tools across all platforms for guardians to monitor screen time, receive alerts, and approve purchases.

Virtual Reality - Oculus

Built software for the Meta Quest and Rift that helps people express, connect, and stay safe in VR.

Digital Nomad Co-living

NomadiQ - your home anywhere

Opportunity: the rise of remote work and digital nomads.

  • Lack of flexibility, and friction in the moving experience.
  • Lack of community and loneliness.

Vision: a single-service instrument that enables people to live in multiple places.

Solution: platform that empowers you to live where you want when you want, without worrying about all the logistics of moving to a new city.

I hired Angelina to oversee the UI/UX design for a website and app and she is nothing short of incredible.

From the get go, she was extremely organized with setting a timeline and project expectations.

Between consistent communication and recurring meetings, she was able to routinely exceed expectations. Time and again, when I am complimented on my website design, the person I have to thank is Angelina.

Plus, when it comes time to grow into other verticals or get more development done, I know exactly who to turn to. Her expertise in product management enables her to tap into her network of trusted experts to fill any  gaps. 


Founder of NomadiQ

Taxes, handled
for solopreneurs

Ruby Money FinTech app detects what’s income, and what's a write-off, and pays your taxes for you.

  • Redesigned onboarding to increase user activation.
  • Strategy and implementation of revenue model and Freemium subscription.
  • Design system and notifications update.

Appointment booking for small businesses

  • Customers can book appointments with their favorite businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.
  • Businesses can manage appointment scheduling and communication across all platforms.¬†

Shopify's Google Channel

Helping small businesses connect their eCommerce Shopify store to Google and reach millions of customers: 

  • Sync your products to Google
  • Multiply your results with ads
  • Sell your products from your YouTube channel
  • Manage details like shipping, deals, and more
  • Unlock insights with Google Analytics

A free web scraper that is easy to use

  • ParseHub is a free and powerful web scraping tool. With our advanced web scraper, extracting data is as easy as clicking on the data you need.
  • With 3 founders we scaled ParseHub to 7-figures and a 12 person team.
  • See how we got our first few customers here.


Angelina is a machine. She is effective and delivers on anything thrown at her, whether it's getting funding, making sales, getting press mentions, repeatedly doubling our daily traffic, making our app look great, writing tutorials, or learning how to code without an engineering background.
She came in at a time when our app looked like it was built by two engineers (it was) and was solely responsible for its design, and fixing issues in the user acquisition funnel making it accessible to a much wider audience. This significantly increased the rate at which our revenue grew. 

Serge Torca

Founder of ParseHub

ParseHub was quick and easy to start up and has handled the trickiest of navigations and extractions. After a couple hours of hands-on experience and about 30 minutes of free help from their remarkable support team, our company saved weeks worth of effort and yielded excellent results.

Jason Wreath, CEO at HIK

Parsehub customer

Cansbridge Fellowship Non-profit

Built an international launchpad for entrepreneurial students.

  • Each year, we accept a cohort of highly ambitious Canadian students to accelerate their leadership development.
  • This includes a week-long conference in an entrepreneurial hub, a summer internship in Asia, and a network that lasts a lifetime.

Angelina was instrumental in starting the Cansbridge Fellowship and leading it as one of the Directors. The program accepts a cohort of highly ambitious Canadian students to experience a summer internship in Asia and attend a week-long conference in Silicon Valley every year.

It is evident to me that Angelina’s purpose is to help people because she put her heart into Cansbridge for seven years helping many students find their first job and cultivate their ambition.

William Yu

Founder of Cansbridge


Product Strategy

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Discovery of new problems and opportunities
  • Refining¬†and prioritizing ideas and solutions
  • Launch strategy

User Research

  • Research briefs, questions, interviews, surveys
  • Usability testing: recruitment, conducting, analyzing findings
  • User personas and user journey mapping

Product Execution

  • Minimal Viable Product requirements
  • Product briefs and roadmaps
  • Product metrics and analytics
  • New product launches
  • Project management

Product Design

  • Ideation and design sprints
  • Product mocks, wireframes, prototypes
  • Design systems and UI
  • Landing pages and websites
  • Figma &¬†Procreate

Web Design & Development

  • Landing pages
  • Website design
  • Webflow, Squarespace, Kajabi¬†websites and funnels
  • Blog, newsletter, email marketing set-up
  • Customer support, help-center set-up

Product Guidance on Policy, Enforcements and Compliance.

  • Impact of policy development, enforcement, and compliance.
  • Age-appropriate design: youth laws and policies like COPPA
  • Product design with online safety, well-being, trust, and responsibility in mind.

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