Hey, I'm Angelina

Founder, product leader, designer, and holistic wellness practitioner.

I built products at Meta, Shopify and start-ups, a 7-figure company and non-profit. While diving into East-West healing practices as a coach, yoga, and meditation teacher.

Now, I'm dedicated to guiding you through any life and work transitions.

And creating at the intersection of tech, integrative health, design, education and ancient wisdom.


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Everything to help you, ambitious human, lead a better and healthier life without sacrifice and toxic productivity.

Covering career and personal growth, mental health, and well-being.

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Where ambition meets harmony.

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Three ways I can help..

Community for flexibility. Coaching for focused guidance. Immersive programs for hands-on experience.


Pivot your career - into a new role, industry, or solo venture. Membership gives you access to resources, group coaching, speakers, and courses.

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1:1 Coaching

Based on 3 frameworks I created to help you transform in work and life - pivot with clarity, switch careers, and break free from burnout.

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Gain the work experience, skills, mentorship, and support you need to launch your career in tech. 3+ month immersive program that matches you with real companies, to do projects.

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The PivotPathway Framework at the Heart of All I do

Where ambition meets harmony.

Because...It's not what you do but how you do it.

Connect to yourself and inner guidance. Transform through any change to live a life uniquely yours.


I write about… 

Practical advice and expansive ideas for the acceleration of SELF and SOCIETY.

1. Career Growth, Pivots and Purpose

Everything you need to switch careers - into a new fulfilling 9 to 5, venture solo with a purpose, and thrive in a new role. 

Move through uncertainty with clarity. Use your career to find meaning by solving the world's most pressing problems. Go inwards, get off the rat race and reconnect with self to create and work in a more aligned way.

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2. Product Management & User Experience

Help you lead a better, healthier, and more successful life as a Product Manager or Product Designer. Actionable tips and resources to thrive in your career every Sunday.

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3. Wellness & Mental Health & Personal Growth

Help you live a life without sacrifice, burnout, and toxic productivity. Blending career and personal growth, psychology, and mental health.

4. Tech & Well-being Trends

I explore how new technology merges with wellness for good, to deepen our connection with ourselves, and the world around us, while shedding light on the downsides: digital addiction, harm, and deceptive wellness practices.

5. Spirituality & Consciousness

As we go through a global transition, and our sense of personal identity shifts, I’m here to help you embrace your truth, identity, intuition, and wisdom.

I also dive deeper into the spiritual topics I’m passionate about, in a way that is down-to-earth, modern, balanced, and accessible.

Join Ambition, Redesigned

One bite-sized, actionable tip a week. 

Everything to help you, ambitious human, lead a better and healthier life without sacrifice and toxic productivity. Covering career and personal growth, psychology, mental health, and spirituality.

More flow, less burnout.

Why does all of this matter? & One exercise to help you care.

Feb 25, 2024

The Hamster Wheel: Are Your Dreams Truly Yours?

Feb 25, 2024

Hear from people I've worked with...

"I started working with Angelina,  a few months after my layoff looking to transition from engineering to a product role. Her guidance and mentorship played a pivotal role in my journey and opened additional avenues I wasn't aware of earlier. Angelina is an excellent coach!"

Deep C.

Software Engineer

"With just the first meeting with Angelina, I had more confidence and a clear step-by-step plan that helped me do a complete career change and transition into tech. 

She introduced me to a really powerful system that helped me create a vision for what I want to do, and break things down into actionable goals.

Anna K.

Model turned Engineer

"Amazing - Angelina is very approachable and understanding. She made an effort to cater to my specific needs and helped me to learn, grow and achieve my goals with a career in product, providing her time and resources she has created. Highly recommended!"

Jagdeep Singh Gupta

Product Manager

"Angelina's insights are invaluable. Her open yet pragmatic approach has unlocked an entirely new perspective on what it means to be an effective leader and team member and helped me interview prep with confidence.

Cailin S.

E-commerce Manager

"She has been an absolute gem as a coach and UX mentor. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge and her ability to make complex concepts easy to understand have been a game changer for me.

She was patient, no matter how basic my questions, and she’s always gone the extra mile to make sure I fully understood the concepts.

She is not just knowledgeable, but genuinely invested in your growth. I am really grateful for all she’s given me.

Yves B.

Product Designer

"I absolutely loved how thorough and detailed the entire structure of the program was! More importantly, Angelina provided us with a lot of examples and templates that we were able to use and explore further. She's extremely knowledgeable and is super understanding! I highly recommend this intro course"

Vaishnaviy K.

Product Manager

"Angelina is an exceptional mentor! She took the time to understand my career goals and helped me put together an action plan to start moving in the right direction. She listened deeply, asked thoughtful questions, and checked in regularly to see if I had questions.

Working with Angelina has been a very valuable and reflective experience. I strongly recommend Angelina's mentorship to anyone seeking career guidance and support


Program Manager

"I gained hands-on experience helping a founder with his startup. It was an invaluable opportunity. I was part of brainstorming meetings, and discussions involving designs, roadmaps, and the product. I cannot recommend this program enough. In my journey of transitioning from physical therapy to product management, this was an amazing experience. I continue to use what I learned in my project LeadPT.”" 

Gabriel Ortiz

Physical Therapists turned Product Manager

"Angelina is an exceptional mentor. We began our journey together as I was transitioning jobs.

I landed my dream role as a result of our partnership!

She combines a deep knowledge of best practices with rich experience. She's taught me that real-life scenarios often require us to adapt and innovate beyond established frameworks.

Her passion for the tech field is inspiring and contagious. Furthermore, her ability to build trust and foster confidence has positively impacted my professional growth."


Lead Product Manager

"I can't fathom how great of an experience it was to be a part of the Product Management program, with Angelina.

From the beginning, she was very personable, created organized lessons and exercises catered to each individual's needs, and helped put my  thoughts and ideas into action with engaging exercises.

In the end, not only did I learn the fundamentals, but I felt more than confident to pursue a career in that role after all the engaging exercises, 1-on-1 coaching, and real-world examples

Angelina was able to share; stemming from her years of personal experience and extensive knowledge in the industry. The skills I learned in this class helped me land a job after I graduated and gain a new network of other aspiring product managers to collaborate with!

Giovanny Rodriguez


"Angelina’s teachings have been a pivotal step in my career as I look to transition into a full Product role. 

Course teachings were informative with real-life scenarios which gave us the chance to deepen our knowledge and understand concepts.
The 1:1 coaching was very helpful. Through all of this, I can say Angelina is someone who genuinely cares and wishes the best for all her students. 
The case study put me in a unique scenario where I analyzed a product with the guidelines and concepts from Angelina’s teachings. 
Angelia is an excellent coach and would recommend her services to anyone looking to transition into PM or even broaden their knowledge.”

Product Support Analyst

One more way I can help you...

Hire me for Product Management and Design solo or with a trusted team.

If you're an entrepreneur or start-up bring me on as an interim product manager, for 1:1 consulting or with experts in my network.

  • For product strategy, new product launches, product design, or user research.
  • Bonus points, if you're working on tech for good - mental health, education, youth, digital safety.
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