Hey, I'm Angelina

With a decade of tech experience at Meta, Shopify, and startups, I blend my background as a 3x founder, and in product, design, consulting with...

Insights on well-being and spirituality from personal experiences and training in coaching, yoga, meditation, Reiki, and other East-West practices.

I'm here to:

  • Help you achieve your goals with a sense of being, balance, creativity and clarity.
  • Build products that blend tech, psychology, integrative medicine, and education to enhance well-being.

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How I can help you... 

Helping you holistically¬†‚ěĒ¬† purpose, career, leadership, wellbeing and spirituality


1:1 Sessions

Book personalized coaching once or ongoing with me - purpose, career, transitions, interviews, leadership, work-life balance. Helping you holistically - mind, body, emotions, soul.

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I write about… 

Practical advice and expansive ideas for the acceleration of SELF and SOCIETY.

Inspiring your sense of being, balance, clarity and self-reliance.

1. Careers & Purpose

Discover purpose, clarity, and authenticity. Transition careers, land new roles, launch businesses, thrive with meaningful work, and unlock leadership potential.

2. Wellbeing & Personal Growth

Live free from burnout and toxic productivity. Embrace your true self, intuition, and wisdom, with practical, modern insights on spirituality, East-West modalities, psychology, and mental health.

3. Wellness Tech Trends

Explore how new technology (AI, VR) enhances wellness and human flourishing while addressing digital addiction, and deceptive practices.

4. Product Management & Design

Lead a healthier life, and more successful career as a Product Manager, Product Designer or professional in tech.


Join Ambition, Redesigned

One bite-sized, actionable tip a week. 

Everything to help you find your sense of being, authenticity, and clarity so you can achieve your dreams without sacrifice and toxic productivity.

Covering: careers, solopreneurship, growth, psychology, mental health.

More creative flow, less burnout.

For start-ups & companies...

Bring me on for a workshop or as a product coach, interim product manager, designer¬†‚ěĒ¬† solo or with a trusted team of experts from my network.

  • New 0 to 1 product launches, product¬†strategy, product design, or user research.
  • New technologies: virtual reality and AI.
  • Complex systems thinking¬†at the intersections of:
    • Online safety, compliance, youth well-being, and policy.
    • Tech, psychology, health, experience design, and education.
  • Tech for Good:¬†Digital Health, EdTech,¬†youth, digital safety.
  • New product processes and¬†product team mentorship.
  • Both B2B SaaS and consumer products.

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