Master the Product Management Interview

Join 2,000+ students to land your dream Product Management role.The exact custom frameworks I created to land roles at Shopify, Google, Meta, and Dropbox and increase my salary from $20K to $350K+ in 2 years!

  • 5 Unique Frameworks¬†to tackle all questions
  • 50+ Questions & Answers
  • Expert Tips: Impress recruiters and¬†hiring managers
  • Case Studies & Assignments
  • Bonus:¬†Your first 90 days and beyond for career success.
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What will I learn?


Standing Out in Interviews

  • Types of Product Management interviews across companies like¬†Google,¬†Dropbox, and Meta
  • The Product Management rubrics,¬†how you're graded and what hiring managers look for
  • Things you must do to prepare for Product Management interviews
  • How can you stand out in interviews?
  • How to ace recruiter calls?
  • [CHEATSHEET] Frameworks for all questions


Product Sense & Design Interview

  • The GAPS framework
  • How to brainstorm ideas and stay creative
  • How to stay up to date with tech trends and think innovatively
  • The Good vs. Bad Product Manager
  • Sample questions and answers for Product Sense & Design


Product Analytics & Execution Questions

  • The¬†GUMS framework.
  • Metric & Execution¬†questions
  • Estimation¬†questions
  • Measuring Success¬†questions
  • 3 other frameworks - tradeoffs, debug, A/B test
  • Metrics by company type
  • The Good vs. Bad Product Manager
  • Sample questions and answers for Product Metrics & Analytics


Product Strategy Questions

  • The¬†CASE Framework
  • New Market and Expansion Questions
  • The CAR Framework¬†
  • Product Pricing and Revenue¬†Questions
  • The Good vs. Bad Product Manager
  • Sample questions and answers for Product Strategy¬†


Behavioral Questions

  • The two frameworks I use to prepare for behavioral interviews.
  • How to make a great impression on hiring managers and the hiring committee
  • The Good vs. Bad Product Manager
  • Sample questions and answers for¬†Behavioral Questions


Technical Questions

  • System Design Questions
  • Technical discussions and trade-offs
  • Working with engineers
  • Explain like I'm 5 questions
  • BONUS: New technologies and how they work
  • The Good vs. Bad Product Manager
  • Sample questions and answers for¬†Technical Questions


Thrive in Your New Job

  • Guide to the¬†first 90 days on the job as a Product Manager
  • How to get promoted and build a great relationship with your manager
  • Preparing for performance reviews
  • Importance of mentorship and making allies
  • Tips for moving your career forward
Access for $29

Join 2,000+ other students landing roles in Product Management

ūüĒĎ Access for $29

About Angelina Fomina

As a business grad and Canadian, I had to hustle my way into Product Management and the United States.

It wasn't easy, as I am sure it's not easy for you.

I’ve been navigating career and unexpected transitions all my life. 

After studying business in College, disinterested in accounting, I learned to code and design.

While my peers were making 100K right out of College, I was surviving on $1,000 a month, building my first few products. Some of which completely flopped.

Finally, I was able to convince a CEO to take a chance on me as a "generalist" doing some product work, some...everything else.

At the same time, I spent weeks crashing on people's couches in San Francisco, hustling to land a PM job in the US, but with little success.

After I grew my own SaaS product to 7-figures annually...I had a bit more leverage.

That opened doors to Shopify...which got me into Meta. Recently, I worked on virtual reality at Oculus and created products tackling online safety, youth well-being, and policy for all Meta platforms.

So if your dream is to be a PM and you've tried everything - courses, interviews, I'm here to help!

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