An entrepreneur, product leader, designer, and holistic wellness practitioner.

Helping you through any life or work transition, so you can live in a meaningful and balanced way.

I launched new products at early-stage start-ups and high-growth companies like Meta and Shopify.

I also grew my own SaaS start-up to 7-figures, a non-profit that helps students land internships abroad, and taught at General Assembly. I’ve built 50+ other things that went nowhere. So I believe in learning by doing and rerouting and trying again when things don’t work out the first time.

Recently, I worked on virtual reality at Oculus and created products tackling online safety, youth well-being, and policy for all Meta platforms.

After a decade of being on the "productivity treadmill"...

I burnt out.

I learned "it's not what you do, but how you do it."

Determined to find stillness in the chaos, I learned to tap into my inner guidance, and creative flow to break free from toxic productivity. 

I dove into Eastern and Western healing practices and trainings to help people holistically - mind, body, emotions, and spirit - in ways that are bite-sized and adapt to our busy lives and minds.

  • Helped¬†over 150 people as a life and career coach since March 2023 using 3 custom frameworks.
  • Enrolled in Yo San¬†University of¬†Traditional Chinese Medicine, studying acupuncture and herbs.
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) and¬†Jivasu¬†Meditation Facilitator Training.
  • Energy Healing: Infinichi Energy Qi Gong Practitioner and¬†Reiki Master.

Now, I'm building again - this time with purpose and inner harmony.

I'm focused on:

  1. Advancing human well-being at the intersection of new technologies, experience design, education, psychology, integrative health, and ancient wisdom.
  2. Learning holistic wellness, and psychology to help people heal.
  3. Creating products, courses, and programs that accelerate the future of work, education, and health.

Fun personal facts:

  • I love skiing, multi-day hikes, and camping. Anything¬†adventurous and in nature.
  • I've been nomadic and remote 3 times in my life, living minimally with just one carry-on.
  • I still dream of finishing a painting series¬†to show in art galleries.
  • I've lived in China for a year, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • I love sleep,¬†sunsets, candles, and being a night owl.

Get in touch!

With love...

Whenever you're ready, here’s how I can help...

  1. On-demand Courses
  2. Sage Careers Live Program: a one-of-a-kind BootCamp to help you switch careers in tech with an online curriculum, a hands-on project in a real company, and 1:1 mentorship from top leaders in tech in as little as 3 months.
  3. Join Ambition, Redesigned: one bite-sized, actionable tip a week. Everything to help you, ambitious human, lead a better and healthier life without sacrifice and toxic productivity. Covering career and personal growth, psychology, mental health, and spirituality.
  4. 1:1 Coaching: personalized plan to help you through any life or work transition.
  5. Consulting: bring me on as a product manager, consultant, or with a trusted team for product strategy, new product launches, product design, or user research. Bonus points, if you're working on tech for good.
  6. Hire: happy to chat with companies addressing the mental health crisis, digital safety, and education.

I believe in...

1. Openness and full, unique expression

Born in Eastern Europe, and raised in Canada from age 10 while moving around a lot (5 countries) - I grew up confused. Since childhood, I've been diving into spirituality and culture, believing that we can each carve out our own path and embrace who we truly are and all parts of ourselves. 

In my 20s, I moved to the US alone. I tried both following the path and escaping it (working remotely on the go). Until I was convinced, you can't escape from yourself. 

‚ÄúYou can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.‚Ä̬†- Elkhart Tolle


2. Transforming pain into purpose

I’ve been navigating career and unexpected transitions all my life. After studying business in College, disinterested in accounting, I learned to code and design to build my first few products. Some of which completely flopped. After growing one company to 7-figures, I switched into Product Management. Later, freelancing, teaching, and now...building again - this time with passion.

To overcome challenges (family breakdowns, lay-offs, immigration and more...), I dove deep into studying the true meaning of life, how to take control of my happiness, and created a blue-print to navigate any change easily. I believe in turning obstacles into purpose, that help you craft a meaningful life.


3. Modern science meets ancient wisdom

As I designed and launched tech products in virtual reality, SaaS, eCommerce, B2B and digital safety across small and large companies...

I also explored healing through psychology, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and every personal growth and productivity technique out there.

I believe it's time for Conscious Tech - human beings using technologies to enhance their bodies, minds and habitats in a safe, responsible, spiritual, good and healthy way.

And the power that comes from the intersection of science we understand and ancient wisdom we're still uncovering.


4. Embracing the whole person

After experiencing unexplained health challenges, caused primarily by stress, I changed my life in a couple of years. I realized the importance of looking at a person as a whole - body, mind, emotion, and spirit and tailoring healing to each person and the events in their life.


5. Blending art and mindfulness

For a ‚Äúweekend artist,‚ÄĚ I‚Äôve explored meditative, intuitive, and psychedelic art and combined mindfulness, breath, reflection, sound, and painting into unique healing workshops.



We are in harmony with integrative health and technology to inspire a flourishing society.


Help 1,000,000 people transform through any change, live life and create from a place of harmony, purpose, and ease.

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