Careers, Redesigned

A radically different way to create YOUR perfect 10 career...

Framework 1: 

Pivot With Clarity: Discover Your New Career Path

Do the full 7-step framework crafted specially for you, or take it one step at a time:

  • Bring clarity to your work transitions and do purposeful work, you don’t need a vacation from.
  • Craft your authentic career path and get a step by step action guide —whether joining a new company, freelancing, or solo ventures.
  • Navigate the emotional ups and downs of finding your direction, especially after setbacks like being let go.
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Framework 2: 

Switch Careers: Land Your Dream Role

"I already know my next step, can you help?" YES!

Ready to find your dream job? 

Go through my hands-on, 8-step framework to help you switch careers in 2024, or do just a session for one of the steps.

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You, Redesigned

A fresh perspective on achieving without compromise...

Framework 3:

Escape Burnout: Transform How You Live and Work

Just let-go, feeling burnt-out, or losing the drive you used to have?

My 5-step framework to understand where you are in your journey of change, and guide you to a new version of self holistically.

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Here to guide you on your new career path be it landing your dream role, starting out as a freelancer and fractional leader, or launching your own side hustle.

  • Share your career dreams
  • Get your personalized career transition plan
  • See if the coaching is right for you

You're in good company

Deep Condle

Angelina is an excellent product leader and mentor! I started working with Angelina a few months after my layoff looking to transition from engineering to a product role. Her guidance and mentorship played a pivotal role in my journey and opened additional avenues I wasn't aware of earlier. Highly recommended!

Anna Kazannik

"Angelina introduced me to a really powerful system that helped me create a vision for what I want to do, break things down into actionable goals, and helped me actually stick to doing the things I planned.

With just one meeting with Angelina, I had more confidence and a clear step-by-step plan that helped me do a complete career change and transition into tech. She provided me with valuable insights and strategies needed to make the right decisions."

Jagdeep Singh Gupta

Amazing - Angelina is very approachable and understanding. She made an effort to cater to my specific needs and helped me to learn, grow and achieve my goals with a career in product, providing her time and resources she has created. Highly recommended!


"Angelina is an exceptional mentor. We began our journey together as I was transitioning jobs.

I landed my dream role as a result of our partnership!

She combines a deep knowledge of best practices with rich experience. She's taught me that real-life scenarios often require us to adapt and innovate beyond established frameworks.

Her passion for the tech field is inspiring and contagious. Furthermore, her ability to build trust and foster confidence has positively impacted my professional growth."


"Angelina is an exceptional mentor! She took the time to understand my career goals and helped me put together an action plan to start moving in the right direction. She listened deeply, asked thoughtful questions and checked in regularly to see if I had questions.

Working with Angelina has been a very valuable and reflective experience. I strongly recommend Angelina's mentorship to anyone seeking career guidance and support."

Yves Binda

"She has been an absolute gem as a coach and UX mentor. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge and her ability to make complex concepts easy to understand have been a game changer for me.

Throughout our interactions, she has shown to be patient, no matter how basic my questions, and she’s always gone the extra mile to make sure I fully understood the concepts. I am really grateful for all she’s given me.

I highly recommend Angelina to anyone looking for a coach who is not just knowledgeable, but genuinely invested in your growth."

Basel Ghazaly

"Angelina is a great mentor and an excellent Product Manager. I have learned a lot from her as a coach. She helped prepare me to take on challenges as someone that is new to tech and product management."

Veronica Rechul

"She is fantastic, patient, and knowledgeable, sharing many great suggestions. I could not think of a better product management mentor and career coach."

Cailin Smart

"Angelina's insights into the product management and e-commerce worlds are invaluable.

Her open yet pragmatic approach has unlocked an entirely new perspective on what it means to be an effective leader and team member and helped me interview prep with confidence."