Careers, Redesigned

A radically different way to create YOUR perfect 10 career...

Bundle 1: 

Pivot With Clarity: Discover Your New Career Path

Do the full 7-step framework crafted specially for you, or take it one step at a time:

  • Bring clarity to your work transitions and do¬†purposeful work,¬†you don‚Äôt need a vacation from.
  • Craft your authentic career path and get a step by step action guide¬†‚ÄĒwhether joining a new company, freelancing, or solo ventures.
  • Navigate the emotional ups and downs¬†of finding your direction, especially after setbacks like being let go.
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Bundle 2: 

Switch Careers: Land Your Dream Role

"I already know my next step, can you help?" YES!

Ready to find your dream job? 

Go through my hands-on, 8-step framework to help you switch careers in 2024, or do just a session for one of the steps.

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You, Redesigned

A fresh perspective on achieving without compromise...

Bundle 3:

Escape Burnout: Transform How You Live and Work

Just let-go, feeling burnt-out, or losing the drive you used to have?

My 5-step framework to understand where you are in your journey of change, and guide you to a new version of self holistically.

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Here to guide you on your new career path be it landing your dream role, starting out as a freelancer and fractional leader, or launching your own side hustle.

  • Share your career dreams
  • Get your personalized career transition plan
  • See if the coaching is right for you