On-going Coaching

Pivot With Clarity

Find a new, meaningful career path or view aligned with your life's vision.

Switch to Product & Tech

Get actionable advice and a personalized plan for transitioning to product management.

Land a New Role

Get your dream job with hands-on support: positioning, job search, networking, and interviewing.

10x Your Career

Guiding your success in tech, UX, and product roles from start to finish.

Beat Burnout & Setbacks

Tailored tips to help you renew your energy, and achieve your goals with balance, harmony, and creative flow.


Lead With Balance

Navigate work challenges from changes and setbacks to influencing, and managing peers, leadership roles, partnerships, conflict resolutions, clear communication, and self-doubt.

One-time Sessions

Interview Prep: Mock practice sessions, review of take-home case studies.

Product & Tech Transition Career Plan: Actionable advice for your specific situation.

Start-up Assessment: Review your idea, strategy, product, MVP, or build a side income stream as a fractional leader in consulting.

Anything Else: I'm here to help with any questions about your career or life. Even if you just need a chat to gain perspective on tough situations

Choose Your Option

One Session


  • 60-minute call
  • Support over email
  • Actionable next steps, exercises
  • Choose from any of the ongoing or one-off services
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  • 1 call per month (60 min/call)
  • Unlimited Q&A via email or Whatsapp
  • Expect responses in 24 hours or less
  • Hands-on support, reviews, exercises, reflections
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Holistic Wellness Add-ons

In these virtual holistic therapy sessions, you can choose all or any of the following...

  1. Intuitive Listening: I tune into your current physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to guide you.
  2. Akashic Records Reading: Access a cosmic database (that stores information about every soul’s journey) for insights into your potential, purpose, life experiences, emotional and spiritual healing, patterns, challenges, and important decisions.
  3. Reiki & Infinichi Qi Gong Healing: I will virtually access and adjust the energy inside and outside your body to help you find balance, promote healing, and relieve heavy emotions and physical pain.
  4. Energy Renewal Practices: Get suggestions for stress relief and healthy habits from Ayurveda, yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, visualizations, art therapy, and more!
  5. Follow-up Coaching: Leave each session with actionable takeaways you can integrate into your life right away and get guidance, exercises, and reflections that will help you navigate obstacles and gain insights in life, career, and health.

Hear From Others

Book a complimentary career coaching call and see if it's right for you...

Here to guide you on your new career path be it landing your dream role, starting out as a freelancer and fractional leader, or launching your own side hustle.

  • Share your career dreams
  • Get your personalized career transition plan
  • See if the coaching is right for you