How to Switch into Product Management

Hosted by Angelina Fomina, X-Meta and Shopify PM, 3x founder.

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Your Host: Angelina Fomina

I’ve been navigating career and unexpected transitions all my life. After studying business, disinterested in accounting, I learned to code and design. After trial and error, I grew a SaaS company to 7-figures, and switched into Product Management. Later, freelancing, teaching, and now...building again - this time with passion.

Recently, I worked on virtual reality at Oculus and created products tackling online safety, youth well-being, and policy for all Meta platforms.

After a decade of being on the "productivity treadmill"...I burnt out...

Determined to find stillness in the chaos, I learned to tap into my inner guidance, and creative flow and break free from toxic productivity. I dove into Eastern and Western healing practices to help people holistically - mind, body, emotions, and spirit - in ways that are bite-sized and adapt to our busy lives and minds.

Now, I'm here to help you through any life or work transition, so you can live in a meaningful and balanced way. Also, as a life and career coach, Kundalini yoga and mediation teacher and soon to be licensed therapist.

6-Week  Schedule

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  1. Switch into Product Management 101: Framework and Informal Chats [March 6]
  2. Ways to Break into Product Management [March 13]
  3. Leverage Your Strengths and Transferable Skills [March 20]
  4. LinkedIn Networking Strategies: Plus Bonus Tips [March 27]
  5. Finding the Right Product Role for You: Tailored to Your Skills and Passions [April 3]
  6. Job Searching Mindset: Build Resilience and Remove Self-Doubt  [April 10]

Switch Careers: Land Your Dream Role

In this series we'll go through my hands-on, research-based, 8-step framework to help you switch careers in 2024, or do just a session for one of the steps.

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The PivotPathways Framework at the Heart of All I do

Helping you transform in both life and work, wherever you are on your journey of change.

Because, it's not what you do but how you do it.

All of my workshops, series, programs embody these 4 core competencies.

6 Week Series: Switch into Product Management

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Only 10 people per call! So you get 1:1 attention. Reserve your spot now.