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  • Live Program:¬†switch careers in tech with 12 live lectures, a¬†hands-on project in a real company,¬†and 1:1 coaching with me. New¬†Product Management cohort starting in June!

  • 1:1 Coaching:¬†find your purpose, switch careers, land your dream job, and overcome burnout with 3 proven frameworks.

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Helping teens lead with purpose

Wondering what's next after high school? Connect with yourself, your passions, and in-demand skills to find your spot in the world.

  1. Explore your interests, purpose and path.
  2. Learn real-life skills by creating a business, non-profit, or project in an area you love.
  3. Cultivate resilience, mindset and well-being.
  4. Get help with college applications or post-grad alternative paths that match your purpose.

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Sage Sanctuary - You, Redesigned

Daily sanctuary - mind, body and spirit

Just go let-go, feeling burnt-out, or losing the drive you used to have? Join our movement to break free from toxic productivity and prioritize self-care.

  1. Tailored, bite-sized, in-the-moment, practices for your busy life.
  2. Data-driven and personalized programs for holistic transformation.
  3. A supportive community with live classes, group accountability and coaching, and unlimited chat.
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