Live Program #1

Product Management Bootcamp

Learn advanced Product Management skills and switch careers:

  • 10 weeks of live or self-paced lectures
  • 6 coaching sessions: career, purpose, life
  • Apply classroom knowledge with a portfolio project
  • Guidance to build your own product & start-up
  • Hands-on project experience with founders or non-profit
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Live Program #2

Switch Careers & Land Your Dream Role

Go through my hands-on 8-step framework to switch careers or find a new role:

  • 2 months of support
  • 8 weekly lessons with group coaching
  • Small group meetings with others at similar career stages, mock interview practice, goal setting, and reminders. 
  • WhatsApp chat with daily motivation, check-ins and emotional support.
  • 100+ resources, templates, and exercises
  • Access to all on-demand courses
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Live Program #3

Pivot With Clarity: Discover a New Path

My proven 7-step framework to:

  • Align with your life's vision, and do purposeful work you love.
  • Craft your authentic career path with a step-by-step action guide for new jobs, freelancing, or solo ventures.
  • Navigate the emotional ups and downs, especially after setbacks like being let go.
  • Renew your energy, and achieve your goals with balance, harmony, and creative flow.

 What you get:

  • 2 months of support
  • 7 weekly lessons with group coaching
  • WhatsApp chat with daily motivation, and support
  • 50+ exercises, assessments
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