Why does all of this matter? & One exercise to help you care.

Feb 25, 2024

The World

There is a mismatch between what the operating systems in our brains are meant to do and the rapid changes in our environment now.

Stress in the US and worldwide is rising with many facets of a “stable” life becoming more uncertain due to the economy, inflation, education costs, job stability, geopolitical changes, and the effects of the pandemic.

We are drifting farther away from our nature, and our connection to ourselves, each other, and the planet. From a young age, we’re programmed to serve a very specific system and walk through life over-consuming, on auto-pilot, disconnected from our inner guidance. Our fragmented communities and family units are isolating us and causing loneliness and depression.

Change is inevitable as our existing systems reform. We need to help people on a mass level specifically through major life transitions in all aspects of life: work, education, health, and community. We need to provide them the coaching, healing, and community they will need to break away from old conditioning and patterns into the new.

"We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology." 

- Edward Wilson

Personally, this is why...

I want to put my energy towards communities and organizations that build new systems for the world and invite others into a new way of life, as the existing systems that no longer serve the greater good dissipate. 


What do you care about?

Rooting myself in the problems I want to solve in the world, helps align everything in my life.

It's like a razor for making decisions on what job to get, what company to work for, and which projects to start.

Instead of thinking about your "purpose" or "vision" start with:

  1. The problems you see in the world (or opportunities)
  2. If you lived in your perfect world...how would it look like

Below is what I see and care about...yet your list could be different.

What about environmental change, sustainability, animals, children, and even music and our entertainment?


So get out a piece of paper.

Step 1: Divide it into two columns:

  1. The now
  2. The future

Step 2: Ask yourself:

  1. How can I help move the world from the now to the future
  2. Remember: no action is too small, and no idea is too big. Think outside of the box and even your "perceived capabilities" while also thinking of the immediate ways you can help.

Why does this matter?

HAPPINESS...is found in meaning.

I looked at every "happiness" research study I could find...to see if there is a link between happiness and choosing a cause.

While there isn't a ton of research directly linking choosing a cause to happiness, studies on volunteering, finding purpose in life and helping others show that working towards a cause can boost happiness and well-being.

  • Psychological Science 2010 found that individuals who perceive their lives as meaningful tend to experience higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Journal of Happiness Studies in 2010 found that helping out or doing something nice for others is connected to feeling happier overall.
  • American Journal of Community Psychology in 2019 found that engagement in social activism was associated with higher levels of well-being and lower levels of depressive symptoms among college students

So everything I work on is connected to...

Future of Work: 

With rapid technological advancements, shifting workplace culture, lay-offs, certain jobs becoming obsolete, and the foreseeable collapse of our modern systems, the nature of work will continue to change and impact our stability. Yet, our existing education and work institutions don’t adequately support people through this

Read More Here

Yet I see a future where...

People move towards meaningful career pivots, trek undefined and authentic paths, use their gifts, and work in a new, joyful, and collaborative way. People seek to make a living that is aligned with their higher purpose and follow their inspiration so they don’t suffer. There’s a rise of independent creators and Solopreneurs who work together harmoniously with integrity, and fairness and without the greed, toxic productivity, and wasteful hierarchy of corporations. 

Future of Education:

From middle school into College, teens are put on an impossible, unsustainable schedule to reach the next goal. Teen’s opportunities for independent “play” and “freedom of thought” have declined while stress at school increased dramatically leaving them void of interests, questioning their place in society, and suffering mentally.

Yet I see a future where...

We help teens understand their purpose and nurture their specific talents in a supportive community and in an individualized, personalized, hands-on, and project-based way. We give children what they need rather than what we want from them. We give them the proper tools to communicate, think independently, and express.

Future of Health:

In a rapidly changing world, individuals often struggle to adapt, gain clarity, and stay flexible and resilient, while attaching to past or present versions of themselves. This struggle can manifest into physical and mental illness.

People lean on health care that doesn’t help and only focuses on healing specific parts of the body, elevating the symptoms vs. solving the root cause of the problem, and is costly and timely to navigate.

Even worse, so many wellness solutions are marketing scams that make us sicker, and we know the damage done by pharmaceutical drugs and processed foods.

Yet I see a future where...

We consider each person as a whole emphasizing the connection between body, mind emotions, and spirit. People are able to heal from within through holistic, herbal, gentler, integrated health care that is more accessible and tailored to each person’s unique situation.

Future of Technology:

We’re in serious need of a digital detox, with addiction to technology as intense as drugs and technology being used for both harm and good.

Yet I see a future where...

We’ll spend more time in nature, and use spiritually inclined technologies that are less harmful, less addicting and are not used for mass manipulation. Proper safeguards are in place so children and adults have a harmonious relationship with technology and use it for good.

Future of Community:

We are drifting farther away from our nature, and our connection to ourselves, each other, and the planet. We live in isolation, loneliness, and depression, away from the community.

Yet I see a future where...

We’ll live more connected to nature and community. We’ll know where our food comes from, and live in cooperative ways working together. The masculine and feminine lives in harmony and supports each other.

Thank you for reading!


Angelina Fomina

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